Yarn along

Yarn along

Joining with Ginny at Small Things

I’m over the halfway point with the blanket for grand baby #1. It’s a quick simple knit that is easily worked on while watching the kids. I’m hoping to finish it this week so I can get cracking on the pile of WIPS on the kitchen counter. It’s gotten to the point that even hubby has commented on it.

I finished Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. So very sad and depressing and yet very good. I think I’ll read it again once I’ve had some time to digest it all. I’ve picked up Paris by Edward Rutherfurd again. Although I usually love this type of novel I’m having a very hard time following the characters and the jumping back and forth thru history. Completely my fault and not the authors. My brain is on overdrive thinking and researching homeschooling for the fall. I am 99% sure I want to go with Oak Meadow kindergarten curriculum, just working up the courage to order and commit!


11 thoughts on “Yarn along

  1. i did a double take….this could have been my post. I’ve been reading on again/off again Paris….just got back from there and thought I would read it before going. Like you—I’m enjoying it in spurts, but it hasn’t grabbed me. And the pattern….I have it bookmarked to make…may actually do it. I’m looking for another travel project and it doesn’t appear to have too much ‘thinking’ involved. 🙂

  2. it may be a simple knit but it looks beautiful – the way the stocking stitch and garter stitch weaves in and out makes a lovely pattern. I’ve picked up Burial Rites and put it back down so many times because I fear it will be to bleak and sad. But – you say it was very good too – I need to pluck up my carriage and give it a go. I saw it as an audio book the other – that might work. Knit and listen. I only have to read about that Oak Meadow Kindergarten curriculum and oh how lovely it would be to have a little one at that stage in life!

    • Burial rites is sad and bleak. But well written. I think I was halfway thru it when I got to the point that I couldn’t put it down. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone but I did up connecting with the book.

  3. I’m ALMOST finished with “Paris” and I feel just like you do – the back and forth in time is what is confusing me. I might (one day) go back and read the chapters in chronological order – I think the story will flow better for me if I do that.

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