Yarn along

Yarn along

Linking up with Ginny at Small Things

This photo is my reality. One of my kitchen counters. I’d like to pretend that it just recently got out of hand but the reality is that unless we are entertaining, this is the norm. Some of those projects I am actively working on. Like the white baby blanket. The striped crochet blanket I pick up every so often and do a few rows. The rest of it? All projects that I lost interest in, the pink baby vertebrae needing a sleeve, the blue and orange thrummed mitts that need a mate, the brown baby hat that I felt too tired to read the charts for and never picked up again.
I’d like to think that by putting this pic out there that I’d diligently work at this pile and next week show you some free counter space. But the reality, if I’m being honest, is that for every project I finish, I immediately cast on another.
This isn’t even all of my WIPS, my purse contains plain socks, the van a baby hat, my bedside dresser a shawl and baby sweater, my closet countless unfinished items.
I justify it all by saying that knitting is supposed to be fun and relaxing. If those two things aren’t being achieved then what’s the point?
And I’m just as bad for reading, still haven’t finished Paris but in the past week I’ve read countless books on children, development, homeschooling, play etc

How about you? Are you a one project, one book at a time person? Or are you a more the merrier type?


4 thoughts on “Yarn along

  1. I love it! It reminds me of my table! Always a million projects to hopefully keep me motivated on something…but I still lose interest…or more likely am interrupted by littles 🙂

  2. I like to have a sock in progress, a shawl, perhaps a sweater and maybe a scarf. I also weave and spin so there is at least one project going on there too. As far as books – let’s just say I start a lot but don’t always finish! There’s too much knitting to be done!

  3. I have up to four projects and I keep them in a bag behind the loveseat in the family room. I can be messy in my knitting but I quickly throw it all in a bag to hide. Love that adorable productive pile!

  4. I feel you, some piles around the house just stay until we have company over. Then when you do clean it up you can’t find anything…hehe!
    I’ve got a lot going on because there is too much I want to do and trying to cram it all it. I just keep adding to the pile.
    Thanks for sharing your little corner.

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