Yarn along

Yarn along

Joining with Ginny at Small Things

I finished the white baby blanket I had been working on the past few weeks. Picked up this baby vertebrae that I had started awhile ago and never finished. Hopefully I’ll be done it tonight. Feeling really impressed with myself that I didn’t start another project but picked up an old project. Maybe the sheer number of WIPS lying around the house is even overwhelming me?

I gave up on reading Paris, my head just isn’t into fiction right now. When I do try to read it again in the future I’m going to follow a commenters suggestion to read the chapters in chronological order. I think that will make it easier on this scattered mommas brain!
I am enjoying The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan. Although we have almost three acres we are in a subdivision so we have to be mindful of the fact I can’t have a full on hobby farm no matter how much I wish I could. Trying to embrace what we have here instead of looking and dreaming for something different. With the boys needs we can’t live any further outside the city than we already do so I’m going to concentrate on making this place our little oasis.
And now we are off to a full day of appts at the children’s hospital but I’d love to hear if you’re content where you are at or are you dreaming of something different?


One thought on “Yarn along

  1. Thank you for visiting and leaving a nice comment. We lived out in the country for a season. We had goats, chickens and a garden. It was hard work and raising animals isn’t for the faint of heart. We ended up moving back into town and have tried a garden a few times. I did see someone growing things in 5 gallon buckets and wonder if we might be more successful that way? Bugs and water n such. I am trying to be content wherever God has us. Too many years of ifs and when robbing me of the joy in the moments. Love your colors here. ( I may do a tutorial on the weighted blanket. Will be linking up again or just follow my blog if you’d like to get the how- to)

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